The computer poetry of J. M. Coetzee

John Maxwell Coetzee received a Nobel Prize in Literature in 2003. Before a career as a scholar and writer he was a computer programmer in the early years of the industry’s development (1962–1965).

Its less known fact that he was also creating “computer poetry,” that is, he wrote programs for a computer that used an algorithm to select words from a set vocabulary and create repetitive lines. Coetzee never published these results, but edited and included phrases from them in poetry that he did publish.

More in an article in the Ransom Center Magazine.

The Timeline of Slovene Electronic-literature, by Jaka Železnikar

A bit to my surprise one of the academic services provided me with the following text: The Timeline of Slovene Electronic-literature written by myself. I don’t recall publishing this text anywhere, It was made as an internal document and only a part of the task and papers written during my MA studies. Well since the ghost is out of the bottle, I might as well share it also here, with hopes it might serve some purpose if the issues turn into the direction of e-literature.